Monday, 20 October 2014

Monday, Monday

la la la la. Yes another Monday completed. I haven't felt very well the past couple of days. On Saturday I was all clamy and flu like but with no cold, headache or sore throat - a bit odd. I felt better on Sunday but today I am again all clam like with a hint of a sore throat. My youngest has a chesty cough so maybe he passed on something to me. The joy of children starting Reception class - they pick up lots of bugs and what not. Talking of which his speech is much improved! Only a month since his tongue tie was cut and already you can hear an improvement. I have a speech language review appointment this week which will help the school - they have a therapist that comes in every week which is terrific.

The bog standard response to feeling under the weather is "its the time of year" and I'm quite happy to take that. Its better than being seriously ill isn't it?  Hopefully I can shrug it off which I normally do although the boot camp for tomorrow isn't looking very good for me.  I really want to go as the chap has just added another session to the Friday one and I really love it once I'm there.  I'll see how I feel in the morning.

I went on Friday after a weeks absence - my little fella was sick on the Friday morning I was due to workout out so I kept him off school. Thankfully I haven't had the pain in my legs I had the first time I worked out at 'boot camp' although it is actually billed as legs, bums and tums pah ha ha! My bike is gathering dust in the shed - I don't feel the same about cycling at the moment or swimming. Its not particularly cold out so I don't know why I feel this way. Maybe I just like to mix it up a bit - I'm going to do my pilates on Thursday.

So what of the lard?! Its still there maintaining away - I have soooooo lost my mojo where is it?! Where did it go - its lurking around there somewhere. What has been helping me is my chimp book! What? I like it so much I bought my friend one as she has many a chimp moment. Its a book written by this chap...

...and no I didn't get it for free to review (another book I have and am looking forward to reading it). My friend did ask all suspiciously "why have you bought this?" wondering no doubt if I was on the edge or desperately unhappy.  And I suppose if you buy a book like this then something must be up with your life.  I bought it because Bradley Wiggins used this to become successful as have other athletes and also because I thought it would help with my snails pace approach to just getting on and losing weight. I know I can motivate myself to exercise and I know what to eat and what not to eat - so why can't I do it consistently.

I've found the book very useful (I haven't finished it yet). In a nutshell it explains the workings of your brain as "the human", "the chimp" and the "the computer". The chimp is your emotional reaction to everything. The chimp is 5 x stronger than the human and you will never be able to control it - you can only manage him.  So this is the reason you don't have willpower. I also like the part on breaking the totally useless emotion of beating yourself up if you haven't achieved something by simply replacing "should" with "could" - I could lose weight and then writing all the things on how to achieve this is far more effective than saying I should lose weight and then writing all the things that have prevented you in the past. He talks of stop 'treading in treacle' as in going through the things that have made you fail in the past - it is pointless.

The chimp has no concept of consequences and only acts on pleasure and emotion - this is way you just shove something in your gob without thinking. Its your chimp! If you can pause and switch to your human who will think - do I want to be shoe horned into these jeans forever more and will this biscuit help me then you are more likely to see results.

Also things like replacing "why?" as in "why can't I lose weight?" "why me?" etc which is very victim like (no one likes a victim) to "how" just a simple word can mean so much "how can I lose weight" "I could lose weight" has a far more positive and helpful impact.

I also like the the chapter on thinking to yourself "do I want to feel like this?" and if you are going to react in a chimp like manner to say "change" pause and stop yourself.  My husband naturally takes the piss but I think he is all chimp even ape! Potentially this book could serious numb any ranting behaviour - well for the time being.

I shall head off as I'm not feeling that great.  I could return and I shall return and tell you how I'm going to continue to lose weight.

Night Night

p.s sorry for the poor grammar and what not - more so than usual but need to get back into my blogging as it helps with the weight loss

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Rachel's Back - Weight Loss Update!

Its a good job Rachel is writing at the moment as the content of my blog would be somewhat sparse - I am on the case and have a tittle tattle update for you shortly. In the meantime, enjoy the latest instalment from Rachel. Well Done!! 

Eat less, move more: 1 month in

Last month, I confessed all about my illicit affair with Mr. Cadbury. An affair that had left me significantly heavier than before I embarked upon it. Well, after I shared that story, it kind of got worse.

I was pretty peed off with being 10 stone 10 pounds after spending a lot of my life quite a bit lighter. So, when I went for a check up at the hospital, I was even more aggrieved when I topped the scales at 11 stone and was declared officially overweight by the consultant. Not my proudest moment.

So what did I do?

Well, I stopped off at John Lewis on the way home for a latte and huge chunk of chocolate cake. Probably not the best move but my word, it was yummy. And then I had a week of basically eating anything and everything.

I think I may have been trying to get all my cravings out of my system by gorging on them because I woke up the next morning with a renewed sense of determination and money in my purse to by a new set of scales. Accurate ones, this time around.

And since that day, I stuck at it. It’s been a massive turnaround.

Firstly, I’ve been out running two, often three, times per week. I’m out for about 40 minutes, in total, and am following the Couch to 5K programme. It suits me because it slowly builds up to running 5k by alternating walking and running. I’m about half way through and have already noticed a huge difference regarding how far I can run without feeling like I’m about to die. I don’t get as many strange looks in the street any more either.

Finding time to run has been the hardest thing because my husband works A LOT.  I’m having to go out at 6 or 7am or the moment he steps foot through the door after work, leaving him to deal with two very tired but excitable boys. It’s not ideal but this is what we have to do to make it work.

Secondly, I have been scrutinising absolutely everything I eat and drink. Everything! I’m using the MyFitnessPal app to record it all and I can’t tell you how much of a difference this has made to what I eat. I think I used to eat about 1,200 calories in good food and then the same, if not more, in snacks. How terrible is that? Now, I’m making better choices and aiming for a daily intake of between 1,200 and 1,400 calories. This feels like the right amount for me, personally.

So one month in, here’s how the measurements stack up:

Weight: 10 stone 9 pounds (was 11 stone) – loss of 5 pounds
Waist: 37 inches (was 38 inches) – loss of 1 inch
Chest: 41 inches (was 42 inches) – loss of 1 inch
Bottom: 40 inches – no change
Thigh: 21 inches – no change

That’s a loss of five pounds in total and an inch off my waist and an inch off my boobs. Exactly where I need to lose it so a pretty good result. It’s made me even more determined to keep at it and get to that 9 stone something goal.

I promise a photo update next month!

If you have any questions or want to know anything about my diet/fitness regime, please go ahead and ask in the comments. I’ll be popping back to take a look and will reply.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Run And Dye

Hello all - my husband has been away for 2 weeks so I've been a tad busy running the home (trying not to set it alight - more of which in my next blog post). So forgive the absence. I am currently about 13 stone 7lbs so definitely need to get myself together before Christmas. I am still loving the Boot Camp on a Friday and it'll be my 4th one on Friday.

Anyhow, more of the chit chat in another post.  The lovely Kat ran a 5km with her son in a blaze of colour. Here's her post - an honest, touching and funny account. Enjoy! 

When The 1970s Diet Blog asked me if I was interested in doing the Run or Dye 5k event for free in return for blogging about it and taking pictures, naturally I jumped at the chance! I have never done an organised run before and was totally up for the challenge. I’d booked a 10k run for October and figured the 5k would be good practise. Ever since hearing about Run or Dye, I’d be dying to do it (see what I did there?!) so I was really excited. Booking online was an easy process. The cost of registering goes up exponentially over time so the earlier you book, the cheaper it is. The cost varies between £23 and £35 depending on when you book and whether you run as an individual or not (it’s cheaper to run in a team of 4 or more). Kids are the same price as adults and I booked for me and my 12 and 9 year old. A few weeks before the event I got an email asking to sign a waiver and print tickets.

Running practise was going well for weeks and I was doing a fast 5k in around 30 minutes. After a long holiday abroad in the summer I forgot about running so when the Run or Dye event day was approaching I got in a bit of a panic. I ordered white t-shirts (to show off the dye) and mentally prepared myself. My son was really looking forward to it but my daughter pulled out. The night before we went to stay with my parents in London so we would be closer to the event at Excel, Docklands. I was really disappointed to receive an email from Run or Dye to say that their Swagbags hadn’t arrived in time and would be substituted.

Saturday morning race day arrives at last and Alex, my son and I head off early on the train. Unfortunately all trains to London are cancelled due to engineering works! So off we trot on the bus. We head upstairs and prepare to enjoy the hour and half long bus journey to Waterloo followed by a couple of tubes. We’re running late, sweaty and exhausted already. When we arrive at Docklands, we unwittingly get off at the wrong stop along with a dozen or so other late runners (you can spot them in their running garb and Run or Dye t-shirts). We’re half way round the track and have to walk 2.5k to get to the start. Worn out, late and worried they won’t let us join in means nothing when we get around the corner and see the start line-up. It’s manic! The queue goes on forever. The advantage of being late and having already pre-registered online means the queue for registration is quick and easy. Dozens of brightly coloured people are milling around. The ground is covered in dye and it looks like an explosion in a paint factory full of clowns.

We get our bibs and t-shirts, tattoo, wristbands and a couple of packs of dye (no Swagbags though.) Now up to this point I had no idea what the dye was. I thought it was like hair dye but in fact it’s like ground up pastel chalk. It has no smell and brushes off easily. Alex can’t wait to open his packets and throw them over himself and me. I thought you got the dye AFTER the race so was a bit surprised that everyone was already covered. The party had started already! Pretty soon we find ourselves he rded into the end of the queue at the start line. The first runners were already coming back! (You know the serious ones) without an ounce of sweat on them.

We are waiting in the crowd shuffling slowly forward and Alex is getting a bit bored at this point. He just wants to run already. I’m just soaking up the atmosphere. There’s music blasting, an entertaining DJ, funny chatter, fancy dress and the feel of a festival. The weather is glorious for a late September day and everyone is really chilled and happy. Finally after about a 45 minute wait, we get to the front and off we go. Takes a while for the crowd to disperse as the slow runners and the fast runners separate. I jog a little and walk a little. Alex runs off and have to reign him in explaining not to use all his energy at once. He doesn’t listen and leaves me behind promising to meet me at the finish line. I’ve been abandoned by my 12 year old but I carry on at my fast pace. I’m mostly keeping up with the same people I was queuing with.

I’m not with any serious runners and it’s a great atmosphere. Everyone is chatting and high fiving and having a lot of fun. I’m so excited when I get to the first dye station. Everyone has stopped there and are flinging dye everywhere. I try to get myself a bit more covered but it’s too busy and on I go. Each station has a different colour. It doesn’t take long and I surprise myself when I get to the half-way point. It’s not a circular route so you literally turn around and head back and pass people who were queuing behind you on the way back. I note that I haven’t seen Alex again and imagine him already at the finish line waiting for me.  I bump into a family walking very slowly with a little boy wearing The Lily Foundation t-shirts. Having a young disabled son myself, it was deeply moving to watch. His mum and dad explain to me he has mitochondrial disease. It’s a rare untreatable genetic disorder just like my little boy’s disease. I’m in awe of the family and find myself wondering if my little boy will ever be able to do a 5k with me. I wish them all the best as I pass them. Already planning in my head if I could take my youngest son on the next Run or Dye event in his wheelchair covered with a see-through rain-mac! I make a mental note to spot anyone else with a buggy or wheelchair and I do!

Heading back through the dye stations it’s turned into mayhem. There is so much chalky dye on the ground people are slipping and sliding in it. I even spot a couple of runners doing, er, dye angels on the ground! It’s so cloudy with chalk you can’t see where you are going.

Near the end, the finish line, I spot a few cheats who haven’t double backed. Why cheat on a 5k? It’s not a race, you’re only cheating yourself after all. I’m tired and thirsty but I’m determined to do it. Getting towards the finish line, I see Alex waiting patiently for me with a bottle of water. I run towards the finish line (like I was running the whole time, everybody does it) and I get a little cheers from the small crowd gathered and a volunteer hands me my free bottle of water. Alex had only arrived 10 minutes before me so I was quite pleased. I did it in about 55 minutes and Alex about 45 minutes. I down the whole bottle of water and feel very pleased with myself. I can still breathe so that’s a bonus.

There’s a stage rigged up, an after party and a colourful bopping audience. Everyone has had a fantastic time and clearly enjoying themselves. There was a large multi-cultural mix of people at the beginning but now we are all just blue, green, pink, purple and orange. You can’t tell the men from the women. It’s a beautiful rainbow of happy humans.

Alex and I head off again. Next destination is McDonalds….

For more information about Run or Dye visit Entrance fee was paid for by Run or Dye. I was not paid to do this post and all opinions and photos are my own.

Thanks Kat for a lovely post!

Monday, 29 September 2014

Baa Baa Black Sheep

Have you any brains?  I have been meaning to write about the rather boring task of finding a secondary school for my eldest.  It hasn't been very hard if truth be told - I only wish I hadn't wasted time on looking at others when we always knew it would be the school that is less than a 5 minute walk away.

As discussed in my previous post, this school used to be rubbish but it isn't now. This is evident by its exam results. This is evident with the millions that was pumped into building a brand new building - not add on's and huts - 21st century facilities with £1 million alone on an ICT unit. It also has a recording studio, apple computers and when the old building is torn down a state of the art athletics track is being built. The teachers we spoke to (some only been there a year) were buzzing with excitement - in fact the music teacher could hardly contain himself and who can blame him? The exam results are on a par if not better than others in the local area as is the ofsted report. The head himself (quite rightly) proclaims "why wouldn't you send your child here?" Why indeed? Enter the sheep.

The sheep are followers. They never look at the bigger picture they have to go with what the herd are doing and generally plump for something that has up and came rather than is up and coming.  Never plucking for the underdog. 

We now have a state of the art 21st century secondary school in our local area. No huts - I am so over huts and walking into different buildings to learn in a crumie old environment which is dressed up as having character or a feel to it. Bollocks to that! Its old, run down and is generally a bastard to get to. We have a school people! We have a school for our local children! They can walk but the sheep turn their noses. 

A bit like politics you can never really change the mindset of those that switch off to any common sense and reason.  The arguments are "I see what comes out of there" - not sure what that means but I can only come to the sad conclusion (given that I've been telling people until I'm blue in the face that behavior from the students is good)  that this must have to do with ethnic origin. What else could it be? If they're told behavior is good, the results are good, the facilities are outstanding and your child can walk?  Whereas the 'quaint' schools with huts, a bus ride (in the dark in the winter) with the same results, same ofsted is predominately white.  Doesn't take a genius does it?

This school has done its part - the community should do its part and send their children to the local school instead of busing them out. This is also laughable - many haven't let their child out of their sight but in less than a year they're more than happy to wave them off on a couple of buses in the dark in a densely populated London borough. Quality.

Each to their own and ultimately people have the freedom of choice and I'm actually hoping (much like my kids primary) that no one does bother as it means it keeps the class sizes small and we can all sit smugly in the knowledge that we are one lucky bunch of parents. 

The results were in from the grammar and my son didn't make the grade - 4380 children sat the 1st range of exams which (even though my son didn't realise there were 2 more questions on the back and had 10 mins to spare) consisted of 45 mins of maths and 45 of english only 1800 were called back for round two. My son was a tad disappointed (you don't get to find out where in the 4380 your child came or what percentage they got or what the percentage rate is) as he wanted the day off school for the next round! I was disappointed for him but we always knew he wasn't going there and that he took the tests as a bit of an experiment - I mean we got a test type paper off amazon and that was the extent of our preparation!  Also they day after we visited the state of the art school he wrote in his diary that he was desperate to go there and would be sad if he didn't.  Ultimately they've got to go there so it should be their choice and believe me we've seen some right naff buildings including the grammar school! 

Anyhow, back to the diet and what not. I did my first boot camp the other week and quite frankly I could hardly move my legs until 5 days later!! I was very sceptical about going again but I did return last Friday and enjoyed it so much.  I walked today and feel I'm getting back into the swing of things. I haven't weighed myself though I just can't face it at the mo. I might do next week.  

I'm also reading a very interesting book about how our mind works - more of which later on in the week.  

I'm feeling good - happy and healthy and in good rant form! 

Until next time..

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Eat Less. Move More

I have to apologise to The Ordinary Lovely that is Rachel for the delay in this guest post.  Its taken me so long to put it up on my blog that she's probably 2 stone lighter by now. Still, at least you won't have to wait too long for the next installment. Seeing as my sister has gone AWOL and the carb diet has been ditched - Rachel has taken on the baton for weight loss.  So without further ado, over to you Rachel......

So I’ve finally had to bite the bullet rather than the cake and accept that I’m, well, a little on the porky side. Not fat. Not massively overweight. Just chubby. But chubby enough that my clothes are starting to feel the strain. The waistband of my jeans is starting to leave not-so-pretty patterns in my ample tummy for far to long after I take them off and shirts with buttons have been relegated to the back of the wardrobe as no safety pin strong enough exists to keep them from pinging open and flashing my seen-better-days nursing bras.

I should’ve reached this point of realisation a little sooner but we moved back to the UK from Switzerland at the end of last year (we lived there for seven years) and I reignited an affair with my long, lost lover … Mr Cadbury. But now, after nine months of gorging myself on his delights, it’s time for me to admit that this relationship has no longevity and I must muster all the strength that I have and get out now.

Be gone with you Cadbury’s Cream Eggs. Get out of my sight velvety Wispa bars. And never darken my door again oh so yummy Caramels.

Ten years ago, before I got married, I weighed a svelte 8 stone 10 pounds. Five years ago, post-marriage/pre-children, I weighed a healthy 9 stone 10 pounds. Now I step on the scales and cringe when I see 10 stone 10 pounds. It might now sound like a particularly huge amount but when you do all that BMI trickery, it does mean that I end up in the overweight category. So not very healthy, really. Not very healthy at all.

So what to do?

Much like Tash, I pretty much believe in the old school rule of if you want to lose weight, you need to eat less and move more. My general diet is not all that bad. The meals I eat are perfect and don’t really need adjusting … maybe slightly smaller portions would help. It’s the snacks that get me. Like I mentioned, I can’t walk past a chocolate aisle in the supermarket without filling my basket but that needs to stop. Crisps are my other downfall. I love them a bit too much.

I’ve also done next to no exercise over the past ten years. I can find all sorts of reasons why but you don’t want to hear my pathetic excuses. Just know that I’m starting to change this. I once loved to run. After three recent attempts, it turns out that I’m now quite rubbish at it but, on the positive side, it turns out that I still love it. Winner!

I have my sights set on getting back down to 9 stone something by Christmas. I’d like to be able to eat Christmas dinner without undoing my jeans. I’d like to be able to eat Christmas pudding without yet another button popping on my top.

Here’s the current scores on the doors:

Weight: 10 stone 10 pounds
Waist: 38 inches
Chest: 42 inches
Bottom: 40 inches
Thigh: 21 inches

And some ‘before’ pics.

I don’t have a full length mirror, sorry, but you can see quite clearly that I carry my weight round my tummy. It never really went back to normal after having me two boys … not helped by me stuffing my face through the breastfeeding months.

With a bit of luck, Tash will let me hijack her blog again in a couple of months time so I can give you a bit of an update.

Wish me luck!

Good luck we can't wait to hear your update. I will be back shortly to give you an update on my boot camp workout and other tittle tattle! See you soon! 

Thursday, 18 September 2014

High Fidelity High!

Remember that? Good old Fame! That was one of the songs off the album - yep I had the album. The old one mind - you know the 1980's one. High as in High - I've been gone so long AWOL some might say. I've been dying to write but just haven't had the time. I had time in the evening when 2 were at school but now 3 are its proving to be a tad difficult. It will settle down I'm sure.  The other High relates to High School, or as I would prefer to say, Secondary School. Its my turn to look at High schools for my eldest along with phonics meetings with my youngest!

Prepare for all the "what school you looking at?" all over again. Just when you thought you won't have to do all that ever again enter High School which I actually think is worse than picking a primary school.

And I don't really know why everyone gets so serious about it. Well I do - everyone wants a good education, good GCSE results, good prospects, no bullying and everything to be hunky dory with the world and their child. But sometimes I think its more about the parents aspirations really because if you really think about it is your child really going to be a superstar if they get all A*'s - are they going to be happy? Or are they going to be a complete arse with no apathy or social conscience whatsoever as all they've been taught is to achieve, achieve and achieve. God dam it!

If the child gets A*'s and are a 'superstar' it, in theory, means they get lots of money and they can buy lots of things and that's meant to equate to happiness or certainly the parents happiness as they can say the child got A*'s and is going to X university and will become the head of Apple or whatever.

However, I know children who have done very well in exams and are still looking for a job and studying and getting these grades wasn't all that it was cracked up to be. Every child has to be academic when clearly we can't all be. We still need our young people to be builders, plumbers and electricians. We still need proper skills not just pen pushers.

I think a lot of people in high pressure jobs (earning lots of money means lots of hours, lots of work) might not be happy. Yes they might have a big house, a flash car and go on holiday (a few a year as they have to work to pay for all these things for the rest of the year) but I suspect that there are times when they just want to get off the treadmill of working to pay for things don't you?  What if they had dreams of becoming an author, a painter or a dancer? It might (okay does) sound naive but I'm sure there is more to life than just working to acquire stuff.

Also, sometimes I really don't see the point of visiting these secondary schools. What?! Are you insane? No, I suppose I'm being flippant and of course you want to see where your child will be everyday but you don't get to see the teaching, the pupils etc in these open evenings. You get a year 8 pupil showing you around (for about an hour - exhausting trotting up and downstairs after them trying to make conversation) all the different rooms and what not. Your child can do some literacy/maths activities in a room if they want. Who wants to do that they just had a full day at school? You'll hear a head teacher talk (we now skip those) about "striving for excellence" - not heard one yet that isn't striving for that.  So they're all working the PR, spinning the the results to make you pick their school. So how do you pick?

Well for me its about the journey. We have a secondary which is a 2 minute walk away, brand new building and the results are good not fantastic but good. It means my child would be home quickly can do their homework and then chill out. Or I could send him on 2 buses into down town South London to get to the all boys grammar school. Think London riots, knife, gun crime and general danger, danger that an 11 year old could be exposed to.  It would take at least 45 minutes to travel about 7 miles in the traffic and have my nerves on edge for the best part of the afternoon.  For what? Will he really get a better education and better for what? To be on that treadmill.  Is that happiness? I want for him to be happy like really happy with his lot. I want him to travel and experience things when the world is his oyster in his late teens early twenties before he settles down and works for the rest of his life. But work in a job he loves. He might go totally off the rails and that will be a different blog post entirely but the thoughts there!

He has sat the grammar exam which in the dead of night I imagining him dicing with death to get there. I know in reality he'll be fine and will probably do him good to have some street cred.

That was an experience in itself I can tell you!  Gridlock, police, army cadets and parents saying "remember what you were taught" "concentrate, don't get distracted" "are you nervous?". I'm thinking what with all the pressure you've been piling on me for the past 3 years - nervous?!

My son had a practice on a multiple choice for maths and english paper I got off Amazon. I didnt' want him going in blind so to speak. He's had no tutoring and if he passes then I'll be proud but I'm doubtful I will send him across town to the better school.  I know to some parents this is insane but you have to think about the bigger picture. He might not pass - very probable but then I'll know if he is very clever or just brighter than average.

In other news, the diet has not been happening. I attached my fitbit for about 3 days (did lots of steps) then couldn't be bothered. Likewise for my fitness pal. I did a big walk and got the most insane blisters. However, whilst in the Reception class one of the dad's is a personal trainer and handed me a leaflet (!) for a boot camp type workout in a local park for £3.50. I feel as unfit as I've ever felt but I'm going tomorrow! Wish me luck as I think I may collapse and I really hate group stuff. I just think I'm too old for this shit. You never know I might love it!

As promised here is a bikini pic in a more flattering lying down pose - not much difference to last year but I like the bikini!
A dim and distant memory

And here is the less than flattering Billy Bunter/Weeble pose...

And a few more holiday snaps...


Attempting a selfie as I am 15 years old

The best terror picture in the world ever!

Giving it large! 

Next blog post will be from Rachel and the start of her fitness regime.

Be back soon.

Saturday, 13 September 2014

What Do You Do ALL Day?

This is going to be the title of my brand new blog. Naturally, I will keep this one but the new one will hopefully save me the time and bother to having to explain what I do all day now that my youngest child has started school full-time. And yes, I mean full-time there was no staggering - on the 3rd September he went in at 8.55 and was released with good behavior at 3.10pm.

Now, before I list a few examples, which will be on the blog and who knows it could be an internet sensation (if I could afford a cameraman to follow my movements I would put that on youtube) I will tell you what I've done all day for the past 10 years.  I haven't watched daytime telly, I have had countless sleepless nights (sometimes 3 hours and not in one go), I have clocked watched to do school drop offs, pre-school drop offs, not had a piss without interruptions, oh the interruptions!! I have walked 10,000 steps before lunch time, I have tried to cram in an hour of exercise and failing many times, had 4 sick days I repeat only 4 days off sick in 10 years, cooked, cleaned, weekly shop, homework, baths, reading, parents evening, inset days, doctors, dentists and the list goes on. So if  I wanted to sit and watch daytime telly or find an hour of exercise in my allocated 6 hours that they are at school then I bloody well will.

Only thing is I don't have the time!! I desperately want to live up to the perception that SAHM's have too much time on their hands but I can't. Even now. Whilst people think you have All day they don't really include the fact you've got up at 7 am and don't knock off till 8pm everyday - longer in the school holidays. So up yours!!  Full-time working ones just have to do all the things that I get done in the day in the evening or at the weekends. I have 6 hours in the day they have to find the time outside their day job. 

Here's an example of a typical day:-

6.45 am - 9.00 am - get up, dressed, 3 x kids organise, put washing in, breakfasts, lunch boxes (already prepared in the evening but still need packing), washing up, drying up, myself dressed, guinea pig routine, book bags reading records, walk to school drop off back home.

9.15 - (yes had 15 mins to check emails how very decadent of me) - 11.00 am weekly shop, unpack, banking (3 banks), post office drop off parcel.

11-1.30 pm unpack shopping, put out re-cycling, clean toilet shower downstairs, wash floors, hang washing out, ironing, lunch (20 mins - how long is your lunch break?).

1.30 - 2.30pm  cycled to friends house (look time to myself what a wanker I am!) for a coffee and chat.

2.30 - 3.00pm - final tidy up and emails and time to do the school run. Did you see any daytime telly and sitting around. No you didn't.Granted I had a bit of social interaction with another human being for less than an hour. String me up.

3. - 3.40pm - school run complete - my youngest finishes at 3.10 and the others 3.25 pm.

3.40 - 4pm - clean out lunch boxes, book bags.

4pm - 4.15pm - I have to be honest I don't really know where these lost 15 minutes go to - but hardly significant enough for some serious faffing.

4.15 - 5pm  start dinner preparations might fit in a bit of chit chat with the kids.

5pm - 5.45pm - dinner ready and consumed and washed up and dried up.

5.45- 6.00pm - brownie run - pick up daugher's friend and take them to brownies.

6.00 - 6.45pm  talk to husband a bit of  TV and the news, coffees and a bit of paper reading, washing in and prepare 4 x sandwiches/lunch boxes.

6.45pm -7.45pm - bathtimes, hairwash, daughter arrives back, bedtime stories, homework. 

7.45pm - 8pm - final tidy ready to sit down.

That is a typical Tuesday and that, my friends is what I did ALL  day!

So, what do you think worthy of a new blog?  I think so.  I will make time for an hour's exercise. One of the dad's is a personal trainer and I am going to attend his boot camp session on a Friday morning because I'm worth it!

Be back very shortly with Saturday Chit Chat and a very exciting new guest blog regular feature.